Social Security Disability and You: Evidence of Mental Disability

When you file a Social Security Disability claim for a mental health condition, you will have to go through a mental health assessment to give your SS evaluator a complete picture of your mental state.

The assessment will be conducted by an independent doctor commissioned by the SS. In general, SS prefers that the assessment be done by your own treating doctor. The referral to another doctor usually comes if your treating doctor is not a psychiatrist, and there isn’t enough information in your records about the severity of your condition.

In addition to your medical records, the SS will also use your disability application form and an ‘activities of daily living’ (ADL) questionnaire to determine the severity of your mental health disability. When you fill out your Social Security disability application form, make sure to list all of your symptoms and how they are impairing you from working. Even if you think you only have one impairment, the details you write in your application may reveal that you have a combination of impairments, which enhances your chances of receiving disability benefits even further.

In the ADL questionnaire, you’ll be asked to describe how your impairment affects your ability to perform your daily functions, including doing housework, getting in and out of the home, spending time with others, and shopping. From significant signs such as trouble handling stress to mundane tasks like buttoning and unbuttoning your shirt, never leave out any changes in your daily life that could have been brought about by your mental condition.

For more information on filing a claim for SSD benefits for a mental health condition, schedule a free consultation with a disability lawyer.


Evidence Social Security Requires for Mental Disabilities,


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